Which website pages have your contacts visited?

A common question for GatorLeads users is to see which pages contacts have been viewing on your site.

To access this information, follow our guide below: 

Accessing Site Analytics

Accessing Site Analytics

1. When logged into Gator Leads, click on 'Reporting'

2. The select 'Site Analytics'

3. Then select 'Pages'

Pages In Site Analytics

1. This will display all your pages


1. You can filter through pages via dates ( this will be the dates these pages were visited.)

2. You can filter via name/URL

Viewing Companies

1. To view the companies that have clicked on this page, click on highlighted symbol

Exporting Companies

1. This takes you to a page where you can view the companies that have clicked on the specific URL selected.

2. You can then click 'Export to Excel,' and these companies will be exported into a spreadsheet for you.