Creating a Personalised URL (PURL)

What is a PURL?

Thanks to personalised URLs (or PURLs for short), you can now serve cookies through the one-to-one emails which you send personally, as well as the emails you send through CommuniGator. This allows you to track the web activity of these contacts on your website. 

A PURL is a URL which carries the identity of the person you are wishing to track. When the target contact at a specific company clicks on the PURL, this will serve a cookie and associate this contact's email with the IP address they clicked from. This means you can track that person's activity on your website through their IP.

NB 1) Please TEST your PURLs to yourself using YOUR email address to confirm PURL is working. If you click someone else's PURL you will cookie your machine as that person and start tracking yourself, similar to clicking somone else's email links.

NB  2) Another reason to test a PURL  before sending as the destination URL is not guaranteed to work  if the website is secured by it's own origin, this means the website has been set up to never allow it to be iframed which a PURL requires. 

Track that individual

Contacts who have been 'PURLed' will display as tracked contacts within GatorLeads, allowing you to see their web activity, monitor their lead score, and analyse their behaviour. You can also use the automated Alerts and Nurture fuctionality within the product to send campaigns and other marketing materials to your contacts with just a couple of clicks of the mouse, warming up your leads over time. 

The PURL is a particularly useful tool for salespeople, as it allows them to track individual's web activity - a great way to see if your lead has read the white paper you sent them or visited the site since your last meeting. It also grants salespeople a greater degree of independence when analysing web activity, as they can easily build PURLs and monitor the results themselves without the involvement of the marketing or technical teams. 

Navigation to the PURL

To create a PURL:

  1. Tools Tab
  2. PURL
  3. Create

The most important thing to remember when you are making a PURL, is that by definition they are personal and therefore a URL needs to be created for every individual that you are wishing to track.

How to create a PURL

  1. This is where you enter the website that the PURL should direct to
  2. This is the email address that you are sending the PURL to, however this is not mandatory.
  3. This is the Campaign Name, this allows you to identify and track specific campaigns in your GatorLeads. This will add the utm value (campaign name) to end of your URL string, this will allow you monitor the individuals activity.
  4. This will allow an email to be sent to the creator of the PURL when the Website URL is clicked
  5. Click create the PURL and this will generate a URL for you to copy and paste to send to your contact to monitor the individuals activity.


  1. This is the date the PURL was created
  2. This is the personal email address the PURL was sent to
  3. This is the campaign that will display in the UTM string and will allow you to filter within GatorLeads
  4. This is the PURL that has been sent to the individual contact
  5. This is whether an alert to yourself has been enabled
  6. This is who created the PURL
  7. This is how many hits the PURL has had
  8. This allows you to view the contacts journey via a permalink