Uploading Companies

In GatorLeads we have a feature where you can upload a bulk of leads via a CSV file. In doing this you can assign multiple leads to one user, qualify out multiple leads etc.



1. When In GatorLeads click onto the Admin Tab

2. System Admin

3. Upload Leads



Select the Type

Select what you would like the uploaded company to be.


Assigning Leads

Select the user you would like to assign the Leads to.


Send Email

Send Email, if set to yes, will send an email to the user who is assigned to your leads once GatorLeads has matched the lead.


Qualifying Out

If you wish to qualify out a CSV of Leads, please read the following article.

CSV Format

CSV Format

1. Column for Company Name

2. Column for Company Domain

Uploading Your CSV

1. Click to select the CSV you wish to Upload


Once processed the screen above will appear.

Please Note: When you upload a CSV of Leads, they will not show in your GatorLeads until they have clicked on one of your pages and GatorLeads has matched them.