Step 4: Deciding when leads are HOT

In the previous step we discussed page scoring, which works hard in hand with lead scoring. The point of page scoring is to monitor your lead’s user journey. As they build up points from visiting different pages, you can see how interested they become in your product.

Once they’ve been around your whole website and built up a big enough score, it’s safe to assume they are interested in your business. Therefore, they are no longer a cold lead.

The trick is to decide which score takes a cold lead to a lukewarm lead and a lukewarm lead to a hot lead. This is the lead scoring bit. You get to decide your lead scoring criteria, but below is our guidelines of what other customers have used successfully.

At this point, it is worth sitting down with both your sales and marketing teams and deciding on what makes a qualified lead. They will both have different ideas about what suggests a lead is interested in your business, so it’s important to take both sides on board.

From marketing’s point of view – consider the logic of the user journey to influence your point scoring.

From sales point of view – consider the quality of the information the lead currently has and what they could possibly need to convert into customers.

To edit your lead scoring, go to Admin – Page Admin – Lead Bands

You’ll be taken to a page that looks like this…

As soon as you change the lead score, any leads you have will fall into one of these four “bands”, based on the score they build up on your website. It’s as simple as that!

Remember: The “lead” will be an organisation, so everyone from that company that goes on your website will contribute to the organisation’s total score. You can then look into the company details in your GatorLeads platform to see the individual’s lead score they’ve built up as part of the company’s overall score.