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Training step 3: What to do with your leads on GatorLeads?

Once you’ve found out who your leads are and the individuals from that company, you can start getting in contact with them to build up your relationship.

You can watch the training video here.

Purchase email addresses

If their email address did not appear on the lead table, you will need to click the purple ‘Get Contacts’ button. You will then be redirected to the Company and People Profile.

The green action button will show you if GatorLeads has the email address available to track. Or you may need to purchase email credits (each address costs 50p to buy) in order to get access to their email address. Ask your account manager for more details on pricing and how many credits you can buy. 

Creating a PURL

Once you have your lead’s email address, you can send them a PURL (personalised URL) to track their activity on your website. 

What is a PURL?

A personal URL (PURL) is a unique shortened URL created specifically for a single person. It will allow WOW to track the individual contact rather than just their company. As a 1 to 1 web link you could use this in a personal outlook style email to alert you when your contact has visited the supplied link.

As a unique additional feature, you can add a PDF link so you will know when your contact downloads the file. GatorLeads will alert you automatically once the download has happened.

How a PURL works

PURL’s work by serving cookie technology. So when you put this personalised URL in your email and your lead clicks it, GatorLeads will track their personal activities on your website and any subsequent visits to your site.

This contact will then also show up as an emarketing contact within the company and contacts page so you can put them in an email marketing campaign.

Why you should use PURLs

Using PURLs in your 1 to 1 email is a great way to see if the content you are providing in your emails is something your lead is interested in.

Then, when they have clicked on your PURL, you’ll then be able to see where they go on your website (as long as your URL links to somewhere on your website). Alternatively, if your PURL is a PDF link, you’ll be able to know when they download the file because GatorLeads will alert you as soon as the download is complete.

As soon as the PURL is clicked, GatorLeads will also be able to cookie the individual and then track their movements on your website and any subsequent visits to your website.

This is a great tool for sales to use as they can use PURLs tracking tool to see what their lead is interested in. From there they can create a tailored sales pitch that focuses on what they know their lead has looked at.

It also gives marketing a great insight into which content is converting leads and driving them through the sales process. It also helps them track the website user journey and how effective it is. This allows them to know which pages are successfully converting traffic or which pages need a bit more attention.

How to create a PURL

To get to the PURL page, go to Tools – PURL – Create


1. Enter the website that the PURL should direct to

2. Enter the email address of the person you are sending the PURL to

3. Enter the Campaign Name to identify and track specific campaigns in GatorLeads. This name will add the utm value (campaign name) to end of your URL string and allow you to monitor the individual's activity

4. Tick the box to get an email sent to you whenever the PURL is clicked

5. Click create the PURL and this will generate a URL for you to copy and paste to send to your contact to monitor the individual's activity.

IMPORTANT: PURLs are personalised URLs, which means you need to create a different PURL for each individual you wish to track.

How to create a PURL

Checking the history of your PURLs

On the history PURL page, you can see a number of details about every PURL you have set up.


This includes:

1. This is the date the PURL was created

2. This is the personal email address the PURL was sent to

3. This is the campaign that will display in the UTM string and will allow you to filter within GatorLeads

4. This is the PURL that has been sent to the individual contact

5. This is whether an alert to yourself has been enabled

6. This is who created the PURL

7. This is how many hits the PURL has had

8. This allows you to view the contacts journey via a permalink

Nurturing your leads

Once you have a contact’s email address, you can do more than just PURL them. You can also put them into a marketing automation process. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have marketing automation to do this! You can also do it in GatorLeads with GatorLeads' lead nurturing series.

GatorLeads' lead nurturing campaign is a 3 email series. We will build this campaign series for you, including the HTML design and make it adaptable, so it displays across a wide range of email providers and devices.

You can also choose how these emails are triggered, whether you want a 2 day delay between each message or a week.

If you are unsure about what to say or what will work best, we are happy to help. Just ask your Account Manager for more information.

Moving on to marketing automation

Once you start generating too many leads to track them with individual emails, we can upgrade you to our sister company, CommuniGator, to create you an email marketing platform. With this marketing automation, you can trigger emails based on a number of factors.

The trigger could come from:

•          When your lead lands on a certain page

•          When your lead builds up to a certain score

•          When your lead downloads a whitepaper

Together with GatorLeads, this will be the fastest way to successfully warm up and convert all the qualified leads coming to your website.