Step 3: Page Scoring

Once you’ve set your code up, you need to score your pages. This is a really important step to make sure the RIGHT leads are coming through as HOT leads.

After doing a lot of research, we’ve built a point scoring system on which web pages work best for attracting, engaging or converting your leads. You can find our guide on this here

We recommend you put in place to make sure you are qualifying the right leads and review if your page scoring is working every 12 weeks.

Assigning a score to your page/page categories

Once you have your pages and page categories in place, it is time to assign scores to each of them. You can do this by going to GatorLeads Admin - Page Admin – New Page Filters.

You'll see a page that looks like this...

To score individual pages or categories, simply search for your page, click the edit icon (the little pencil in the far right column) and then change the score in the pop up screen that appears, then click Update Filter. 

Scoring a new page

Of course, at some point you will probably create a new page for your website. The New Page Filters section automatically picks up any pages that are new on your website and orders them in descending score order. So to edit the score of any new page, simply click the edit icon on the far right column. You’ll then be able to edit the score of your new page too.

As soon as your scores have been assigned, your lead grid in your GatorLeads platform will start to fill up with visitors as they visit your web pages and build up their own score!