Step 11: Reporting where your leads came from

One of the great things about the GatorLeads platform is it works for both sales and marketing. The reports and insights is really useful for you to track which campaigns leads are coming from, where leads are converting and anything else you need to know.


The first option in the drop-down menu of Reporting is Insights. This section is a great way to find out more about the companies that have been on your website.

In this section you can review which traffic sources, industries, locations and company sizes are the most popular and profitable for you. This gives you a great indication of what channels are the most successful and who your ideal target audience actually IS. From there you can also decide which sections need more attention.

On this page, you can also click on any of the rows in the tables to drill down and get even more information about that particular subject.

For example, I could select “Software” in Industries and then find out exactly where the traffic sources just for software industries came from. Or I could click into the PPC traffic medium channel to identify previously unknown visitors.


You’ll find the reports in the drop-down menu of the top menu bar where ‘Reporting’ is.

From here you can create manual reports based on the below.

Simply select the box you would like to create and then the date range it should be created for. After you press the email report button, the report will be sent to your email address.


PPC Campaigns

You can also see which PPC campaigns are bringing in and converting the most leads by running a specific PPC report too. Just go to Reporting – Reports – PPC Reports.

From there pick a specific date range, click the PPC Report button and you’ll see a screen that looks similar to the below.

This page will show you:

  • The companies who have come from PPC campaigns
  • When they first visited
  • The landing page the PPC ad took them too
  • The source of the campaign
  • The keyword they used
  • The PPC campaign they clicked on
  • Whether the content/keyword they searched was broad 'b', exact 'e' or a phrase 'p'
  • Plus a link to the lead table, so you can access their company record

Other reporting options also include filtering by companies, contacts or just viewing quick stats.

Site Analytics

The site analytics section on your GatorLeads platform is a great way to see graphs of your traffics behavior. 

Visitors – The visitor’s page will show you your unique visitors per day and per month. Note: this includes the traffic that GatorLeads couldn’t identify as leads.

Bounce Rate – This page shows you the daily and an average monthly bounce rate, as well as an overall percentage of your traffic that is leaving your website after only viewing one page.

Pages – This will show you how many individual page views each of your pages/page categories has had. You can also break these page views down into a date range of your choosing.

Downloads – This will show you how many individual page views each of your downloadable content sources has had. Again, you can break these page views down into a date range of your choosing.

Search Terms – This page shows you which search terms have been used and how much traffic has come to your website from these search terms. You’ll also have a pie chart of the top 5 search terms and can filter the terms by a date range of your choosing.

Browsers – This page will show you which browsers your visitors used and exactly how many of them came from that particular browser. You’ll also have a pie chart showing the percentages of the browsers being used to get to your website and, again, you can filter the browser usage by a date range of your choosing.

Match rate – This page will show your daily and average monthly match rate of the leads identified on your website from WOW. You’ll also see the match rate of this week, last week and when your best match rate week occurred.

Please note, these figures will differ slightly from what you see on Google Analytics. This is because they are based on the companies that GatorLeads has been able to name, rather than ALL the anonymous data Google Analytics reports on. 

Site Analytics