Batch Upload - schedule multiple posts

GatorSocial allows you to upload a batch of messages to be posted and scheduled on your pages via a CSV file.


1. To access the Dashboard, select 'Publishing' -> 'Batch Upload'.

2. Before uploading your CSV it is crucial that you follow the file template in order for your information to upload correctly.

3. Once you have designed your template correctly you can select 'Upload CSV'. This will allow you to choose from your files what to upload. Once uploaded the individual posts will be stored under 'Your Posts'.

4. Here is the name of your CSV file once it has uploaded.

5. This is the date the file was uploaded successfully.

6. This is the number of posts added from the file.

7. These are the posts which have failed to upload.

8. The total number of posts are shown here.



The File Template

This is the file format you must follow in order to correctly upload your data into Gator.

It is essential that all punctuation shown above is replicated in your file.
One of the most common problems with data not uploading correctly is that the wrong punctuation is used.


Please Note: If you have a link to be added, you can create a link column. However this is for LinkedIn posts only.