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GatorSocial Dashboard for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

The dashboard within GatorSocial allows you to see exactly what your followers are engaging in, what interests them the most and what posts/updates of yours are getting the most interaction.

  • Twitter Dashboard
  • LinkedIn Dashboard
  • Facebook Dashboard

This article explains what you can do and why and how this benefits your social media marketing strategy


  1. Within GatorSocial you are able to have multiple twitter accounts - here you are able decide which account you can view.
  2. This is your number of followers.  This is where you are able to see how many followers you have, you are also able to see how many followers you have gained or lost.

       - If you are gaining followers you know the content you are posting/updating is working for the audience that you are trying to reach

       - If you are losing followers you know that you need to consider changing what your posting/updating and what is causing you to loose followers attention.

3.      This is who you are following, you are shown how many you have followed and unfollowed.

4.      This is the total of tweets made on your account.

5.      Within this dashboard you are shown your most popular post/update, how many followers are engaging with this post/update by showing you the clicks. This is good as you can see what your audience is engaging with, and what you should post more about.


  1. Here you are able to see your recent followers
  2. You are able to see who's not following you back
  3. You can see who has recently followed you
  4. You can also see who has recently mentioned you.


  1. You are able to make things more personal by messaging your followers.
  2. You are able to mass message your follows, such as if you would like to thank them for following you. Not to worry the mass message only send out 20 messages at a time, so you will not look like spam to twitter.

- you can use personalization within these messages, first name or screen name.

- by messaging your follower it lets them know that you are wanting to reach out to them and you are grateful for their interaction with your page. This would take a long time if you are direct messaging individually, by using our mass messenger you are able to save time.

- this gives you the opportunity to engage in conversation with your followers and let them know that they are your 1st priority.

3.    So that you do not mass message the same followers twice, and to ensure that you are not seen as spam you are able to exclude users that you have messaged before.


  1. You are able to manage more than one LinkedIn page within GatorSocial, here you are able to select which LinkedIn page results you would like to review.
  2. You are abel to see how many followers your LinkedIn page has and a chart of new followers gained.
  3. You can see your average impressions on your LinkedIn updates, this is who has viewed your update, so you can determine if you audience are interested in your updates.
  4. Likewise you are able to see your average engagement this is who has clicked on your updates and you can see if your updates are making your followers engage with your page.
  5. You are also able to see your most popular updates and what your followers have engaged with the most.



In the LinkedIn section of the dashboard, it analyzes your profile.

  • Clicks
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Likes

This helps you evaluate what you are posting and if you need to change your social media marketing strategy or if you are getting the engagment you are happy with then keep posting the way you are.



Here you are able see likes you have on your page and your page views.

You are able to see your post views, this enables you to see if your followers are engaging with your posts alot or a little bit, which will help you analyze if you need to change what and how you are posting or if your posts are getting the right engagement and you can continue posting on facebook as normal.



With the facebook part of the dashboard you are able to view the breakdowns of you page.

  • Link Clicks
  • Photo Views
  • Video Play
  • Other Clicks

This is good cause you can see what is attracting your followers the most, are they more interested in links, pictures or images? You are able to evaluate what you should be posting to get the most engagement you possibly can from your followers.