Competitors Tab

This article will give and overview of the Competitors tab on your Social Instance, as well as providing guidance on how to add Competitors.

Where is it?

  1. Click onto the 'Reports' tab.
  2. Click 'Competitors'.


Adding Competitors

Adding a competitor is simple and quick to do. There are default Competitor spaces which contain no information. This is the one you should edit to add your competitor.

1. Here you will see a blank Competitor space for you to edit.

2. Select 'Edit'. This will bring up a new window.



Enter your Competitors Social handles.

Then click 'Submit'. Their details will populate into the Competitors dashboard in a couple of minutes.



The Dashboard
  1. These are your Social accounts.
  2. You can have multiple Competitor accounts to compare to here.
  3. You will see stats such as followers, likes, % of inactive followers, and those talking about you.
  4. Fake Score is the percentage of 'fake' accounts, accounts created by bots etc, that are following your competitor or yourself.



Twitter Activity

You also have the ability to see you and your competitors Twitter activity over the previous 5 days.