Activity Tab

After you have started posting to your social account from inside the GatorSocial Dashboard, the 'Activity' Tab will start to self-populate based on that activity.
Clicks are tracked, there is a history of your activity across Twitter and your Facebook page (if you’ve connected it), and you can see how your number of followers is growing.

Where to find the Activity Tab

1. To open the Activity Dashboard select the 'Reports' tab from your Social Instance.

2. Select 'Activity'.



Activity Overview

In the Clicks Section of the dashboard you will find click statistics over certain time ranges, spanning over all of your connected social media accounts connected to the instance.

1. Here is an overview of the clicks received.

2. The click statistics are visualised in a graph here for your benefit.

3. The collection of network clicks e.g. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are shown in a pie chart here.



1. Here you can see the Twitter statistics for the account connected such as followers, tweets and more.

2. You can also see your Top Tweets and the stats for each of them.

3. Here you can see your Facebook statistics such as likes and comments.

4. You can also see your Top Facebook Posts and stats associated with them.