Composing a new message in GatorSocial

The posting messages option is the functionality enabling you to post messages to your connected social channels. If you’ve only connected your Twitter account this will default to messages posted to your Twitter account. If you’ve connected a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile you’ll be able to select which networks to post to.

Post Update

  1. To post to your networks click on the compose tab

Composing a post

Quick Post
  1. Click on the drop down to select which Network you would like to post to
  2. You can view the social channels the post is going to
  3. Add in your content for the social media post
  4. Click on the drop down to select an existing campaign, alternatively if you would like to create a new campaign enter in your campaign name (the campaign is used to build your UTM values)
  5. This will send the post immediately to the social media channels
  6. Save the post to the library which can be found under the Publishing tab and selecting the option Auto Queue
  7. Clicking on the calendar will allow you to schedule your social media post
  8. Will either send the post out immediately or schedule the post send based on the time and date you've set

A "Please Wait" loading message will appear as the post processes.

Schedule Post

Schedule Post

If you wish to schedule the post instead of post straight away

  1. Click the calendar icon
  2. Select the date you would like the post to send out
  3. Select the time you would like the post to send out
  4. Click on the schedule button to schedule the post

Advanced Post

Advanced Post

If you want to post to all networks but change the content for each network

  1. Select Advanced Post
  2. Select the social media channel using the tabs to insert your message per social media channel