How to compose a message using Facebook

This section will show you how to compose a post, post with a link, and attach an image on Facebook.

How to send a post

How to Post a post

1. Click the Facebook icon if you which to post to Facebook.

2. Enter the Post in in the text box (this will appear on your Facebook News feed)

3. Click the 'Post' button, this will send the post to your connected Facebook account.

If you have not connected your Facebook account properly to GatorSocial a warning will appear to notify you that your Facebook has not been linked.

Adding a link to your Facebook

1. Click the link button, don't worry the text that you have entered in the text box will carry over.

2. If you haven't already add the text that you wish to post.

3. Simply add the websites URL to the Link section.

4. Click the 'Post' button, this will post it to your Facebook account that has been linked with GatorSocial.

Adding an Image

Adding an Image

1. Click the image button

2. Click on the "Choose File" icon which will allow you to select an image from your Computer.

3. Click the 'Post' button, which will post it to your Facebook account.