Dispatched and Scheduled Posts

When you post to your networks or schedule posts to go out, you are able to see exactly what has been dispatched and what is in the queue or what has failed to send.

Accessing Your Posts

Accessing Schedule Page
  1. Click onto your posts


  1. The posts that have been sent out to your networks
  2. The posts that are schedule and awaiting sends
  3. Any posts that have failed to send - contact support@communigator.co.uk if your posts fail.
  4. Send Date, Campaign and Click information
  5. Option to Delete post. NOTE: if you delete a post in the dispatched list this DOES NOT remove it from your social networks just from your dispatched list
  6. You are able to click on the URL in your posts to check all working

Editing Scheduled Posts

Editing Scheduled Posts

You are able to edit your scheduled posts from the schedule

  1. Double click into the post and edit the content
  2. Save