Campaigns Tab

The Campaign section allows you to delete and view all the different campaigns that you have set up.  
These campaign names will be added to the UTM values when a follower clicks on your link.

Campaign Dashboard

1. To access the Campaign Dashboard in your social instance, select the 'Publishing' tab.

2. Select 'Campaigns' from the dropdown.




This is your Campaign Dashboard. It will show you all your campaigns that have gone through Social, with the option of adding campaigns into this dashboard.

1. To add a campaign, type in the name of the campaign, then select the '+' icon. It will appear in the list immediately.

2. The name of your campaign is shown here.

3. This is the date your campaign was created on.

4. To delete a campaign from the list select 'Delete'.

5. Click here to rename a campaign from the list.  



Clicking into the campaign name will bring up social posts connected to that campaign, as shown above.