UTM Values Added to Social Posts

The term UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module and is the code that Google uses to track your unique URLS. Adding this to your social posts will enable you to track the success of posts and attribute them to your marketing campaigns.


UTM Value

All posts from Gator Social will now carry Google UTM values for easier monitoring of your post links back to your website, the UTM looks like: UTM_Source=GatorSocial&UTM_Medium=Twitter&UTM_campaign=andyyates12345-GatorSocial

This will appear at the end of your URL when adding the link in Gator Social.

The way the UTM Is broken up is by

Source: Gator Social

Medium: Social Media type in the example above Twitter

Campaign: The name of the Campaign in Gator social.


How to get the UTM Value

How to get the UTM Value

UTM values will be automatically added to you posts when you precede your links with http:// or https://.