Drag & Drop Landing Zone Creator (Beta)

As part of making our landing zone creation simple and quick for you, we have created a Drag & Drop creator for our Creative-Landing Zones! It is very similar to our GatorCreator drag & drop so should be familiar to most of our customers. But if you need a reminder or have never used one before, keep reading!

Please note that this is still in Beta, so any issues should be sent to support@communigator.co.uk.

Editor Overview

For creating your landing zone head to Creative -> Landing Zone as usual.

When you select 'Add New Landing Zone' it will bring up the screen shown above.

Select the Gator Creator red icon to create your landing zone in the drag & drop.

As you can see above the landing zone creator is exactly like Gator Creator.

The only difference are that you have a script block option to add any html,

It works exactly the same with creating your landing zone page as the html editor, except it is more digestible.