Microsoft Dynamics 365 Quick Start Guide

There are three components of an emarketing campaign; the marketing list, the campaign and the campaign activity.

-  Marketing List - This is the group of contacts that should receive your email.
   You can build this by using the lookup function or advanced find.

- Campaign - The campaign is a holder for each campaign activity (email) that you will send. This is not used by CommuniGator.

- Campaign Activity - Once passed into CommuniGator, this will become the email campaign.

Building The Marketing List

1. Navigate to the Marketing area of Dynamics CRM.

2. Select Marketing lists.

3. Create a new marketing list.

4. Name your marketing list. You can select any name but be aware you may wish to reuse this list on multiple campaigns.

5. Select whether the audience of this marketing list will remain static or will be updated dynamically based on an advanced find query.

6. Choose what type of record the marketing list will be aimed at e.g. Contact, Lead or Account.

7. Use a look up to select the marketing list members or click through to 'Manage Members' to use an advanced find to add or remove members.

Manage Members Of The Marketing List

Once you've clicked on the plus button that appears to the right handside of Members, you will be able to select the option of how you would like to find your members. The two most common options are highlight above. Once you've selected the option click on the continue button.

Using Advanced Find To Add Members To The Marketing List

1. Build a query to select the members of the new marketing list -
  The example above would select all Contacts in the County of Surrey, who opened the Monthly Newsletter email campaign.

2. Click find to evaluate the results then choose "Add all the members returned by the search to the marketing list", then click "Add to Marketing List".

1. Click on the tick at the top of the add members to select all members that meet the advanced find query

2. Click on Add to Marketing List

1. Select Campaigns from the Marketing area of Dynamics CRM.

Create a new Campaign

1. Create a new Campaign- This Campaign will be the campaign which one or more separate email campaigns can be run under.  For example Newsletters 2018 would be the campaign name inside of MSCRM you would then create a Campaign Activity for every newsletter in 2018.

2. Name the Campaign- This example Campaign will be use to run and manage all monthly newsletters.
3 Save - Before you can create the Campaign Activity or attach your Marketing List you need to save the Campaign.

4. Click the plus symbol under 'Marketing Lists' to attach a marketing list.

Attach The Marketing List To The Campaign

1. Search for the Marketing List that you would like to attach to the Campaign

2. Select the Marketing List you wish to send the email campaign to.

3. Once you've selected the Marketing List click on the Select Button

4. Click Add

Create A New Campaign Activity

1. Click on the plus button to create your Campaign Activity-
  The Campaign Activity will create a campaign inside of CommuniGator.  Referring back to the example later this is where you would create a campaign activity for each Newsletter that you will be sending out

Send The Campaign Over To CommuniGator

1. Enter a name for the Campaign Activity.
  Note- This will be the name that is shown in CommuniGator as the campaign name.

2. Select the Channel Type-

CommuniGator Static- Will pull over anyone that is orignally included within the marketing list, but if a new contact was added to the marketing list  associated with the campaign acitivty they would not pulled over to CommuniGator

CommuniGator Refresh- Is looking for new contacts being added to the marketing list

CommuniGator Follow Up- Doesn't bring over an audience as this channel type is used for Follow Up emails i.e. non opens,  Campaign Series and Workflows

3. Select the start and end dates for the email marketing campaign- note these date will dates used in CommuniGator for when to initiate and terminate the email marketing campaign.  Please be aware when the Scheduled End date is reached and your using a Dynamic Marketing List and and a CommuniGator Refresh campaign the audience will stop coming over.

4. Click the Save button

Once you click the Save button the Marketing List that you've attached to the campaign inside of MSCRM will appear and the campaign will now be in the process of sending over to GatorMail


Once the campaign activity has been saved with a channel type of 'CommuniGator', it will be sent over to CommuniGator within approximately 5 minutes.