Reporting - Scheduled Notifications

The following article will show you how to create a scheduled notification for a created activity report, so it can be emailed out on a regular basis.

Creating a Scheduled Notification

Once the activity report is created you can the create an automatic scheduled notification.

  1. Open the activity report, and click on 'Create Scheduled Notification'
  2. This small window will appear and you will then need to click create. A pop-up window will appear for you to setup the notification.
  3. Enter in the report name and a description.
  4. Add email recipients to the report.
  5. Setup the notification settings.  (The reports can be sent on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or on a specific day/time frequency)

Once you have set up the notification, click save then click save and close on the activity report.

Reviewing/Editing the Scheduled Notifications

Reviewing/Editing the Scheduled Notifications

You can view the Scheduled notifications that have been setup using two methods.

The first is to go to the Reporting tab and select Scheduled Notifications.  Here you can see all the notifications setup and select each one to view the settings. Shown Above

The second method is to go to the Reporting Tab and select activity reports.  On the column labelled '1' you can see which reports have a scheduled notification setup.  By clicking in this icon it will take you to the settings screen so you can review and edit them as appropriate.