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Salesforce Enterprise Quick Start Guide

How to create a Campaign in SalesForce

1. Go to the 'Campaigns' tab

2. Click on 'New'.

3. Give the campaign a name

4. Click on 'Save'

5. Select 'Manage Members'

6. Choose ' Add Members - Search'.

7. Select Contacts or Leads.

8. Run a search using the drop down fields

9. Select 'Go'.

10. Check all contacts to be added.

11. Choose 'Add with status of sent'.  

12. Click 'Back to Campaign'.

This example shows adding audience members by using a search within the campaign. It is also possible to run a report within SF to segment your audience members and then ‘add to campaign’.

13. Click 'Send to CommuniGator'.  

This may take a few seconds.

14. Select the 'Campaign' Tab from within your CommuniGator environment

15. Select your campaign. This will launch the CommuniGator app into the campaign screen where your campaign will be.

You should now build the rest of the campaign in the usual way!