Setting a survey as anonymous

You have the ability to host a survey on your website and allow visitors to complete it anonymously.  In order to do this you create a survey in the standard way and apply some extra settings at campaign level once you've attached the survey.

You will need to build an email with a survey link and a campaign to hold the email, survey and just yourself as the audience member. 

Attach the survey to your campaign

Attach the survey to your campaign
  1. Once the survey is attached click on the 'Edit' icon to the left hand side of the record.

Set as anonymous

  1. Check the 'Is Anonymous' box and save and close the page.

Obtaining the survey link

Once you've initiated the campaign you will need to click on the survey link.  This link can be used on your website so each visitor may complete the survey.  

Survey Results

Results are held within the Campaign Results as normal under the Survey tab.

As the survey is set to be anonymous, the returned results will be fairly minimal due to the chosen setting (only shows the total completed amount),

You do have the ability to ‘View the results of the completed survey’ which will give you a brief overview of how many visitors completed your survey with a percentage value. Unfortunately this data is unable to be exported.