Smart Form Plugin

Smart Forms are a new form of web capture, made to help you capture data using dynamic forms!

To make the implementation of your smart forms smoother and quicker, we have made a plugin for use on your wordpress site which enables you to add your form to any part of your website.

Read more to find out how the Plugin works.

Find the Plugin

Once you have created your Smart Form, you will inevitably want to display it on a Website Page.

The Wordpress Plugin we have created enables you to add the form to your website without playing around with the HTML widget, reducing the risk of messing up your hard work.


To install the Plugin, please click here

Using the Plugin

Once you have created your form, you usually select 'Save & Get Embedded Code".

Before you do this, you will need to navigate to Wordpress Plugin Settings.

In this you will see the Instance Name, Smart Form ID, and Shortcode.

You need to note down these details or have this screen open when setting up the form on your website.


Follow the instructions in the Wordpress Plugin Screenshots.

You will then see it asks for Instance Name and Smart Form ID.
The Smart Form ID will be the ID of your Form you wish to add to your website.


Put the Form Shortcode into your website page.

When previewing this will show your form on your page.

When using smart forms on your website, we recommend using Single Script as this updates your form on your page automatically, removing the need for manual code updates.

Example Form