Form Web Capture

Form Web Capture User Guide

Form web capture is a new feature where users can create an html form that can be used to created new leads.

Web capture Select Screen

In the select screen when creating a new web capture you have the following options.

  • Create iFrame web capture
  • This is the existing web capture which is used in an iframe only
  • Create Form Web Capture
  • This is the new form web capture

Form Web Capture Setup

When you create a new web capture you will be taken to the setup screen.

Form Settings

This is the section where you will setup the form settings.

Submission Settings

Redirect Url

A redirect url is used when the form has been filled out by the user and submitted.  The page will redirect to this Url.   This field is required, you cannot save if this field is blank.

Website Submission Domains

The user must enter website submission domain.  We only accept submissions from these website domains. At least one submission domain is required when saving.

Email Address

By default the email address is required.  You must enter an email address when submitting and we only accept submissions when an email address is submitted.

The user can add additional validation against the email address.  This will be added as javascript validation in the form.

Confirmation Opt In

Add a confirmation opt in when the user submits the form, this is set as enabled by default.

Data Management

In data management you can decide what you want to happen to the submitted data.

If your instance is setup to have an alternative unique identifier than “EmailLogin” you can set which field you want as dedupe.

If the user has selected “Allow Only one entry per contact” the user must enter a one entry redirect url.  This redirect is used if the user has already submitted the website. 


Enable if the GatorLeads tracking data is passed in the redirect url.

Campaign Management

Setup if you want a campaign to send when the form is submitted.  Only active campaigns are displayed in the drop down.

Group Management

In this section, you can select if you want to add a contact to an existing group or create a new group and add the contact to that group on submission.  You can only select one option.

Notification Emails

Enable if you want notification emails sent when the user has submitted the form.  Contact data which is submitted will be included in the email.  The user needs to setup notification recipients.


Set if you want a reCAPTCHA to the form when submitted.  You need to enable and setup your reCAPTCHA keys.

When the user submits the form we perform a reCAPTCHA server check on the private key and if that fails the reCAPTCHA fails check URL is used and no data is submitted.

Form Fields

The form fields tab is where the user can select which contact fields are included in the form.  These contact fields have been split up in their data type so its easier for the user to manage.

The email login is selected by default and is read only.

When a field is selected, it will be added to the Selected Fields list on the right hand side.

Text contact fields

These are added to the form as input controls.

Number contact fields

These are added to the form as input controls with the number attribute.  This means the input control will be displayed as a spinner control and only a number can be added.  If the browser does not support the number field, then the input control will be a normal text input.

True / False

These fields are displayed as a checkbox input.


These are added to the form as input control with the date attribute.  This means the input control will be displayed as a date picker which is controlled by the browser.  If the browser does not support the date field then the input control will be a normal text input.

Drop Down

These fields are displayed as a drop-down input. 

Radio Button list

These fields are radio button list inputs. 

Form Details

The form details tab is where the user can setup the name and description of the form.  The name is required and must be entered.

Selected Fields

In this section, you can view the contacts field which have been selected by the user.  Using the arrows, you can reorder the fields.

Save and Get Embedded Code

When the user has finished setting up their form they can get the embedded code to add to their site.  They need to click on the “Save and Get Embedded Code” button found on the top of the page.

When clicked, a modal will appear where the user can select a template and get the html code to embed on their site.

Each template that is selected has different html code.  From basic to a complex jQuery ajax form and each one has a description detailing information about the template.

You can test the template in a browser so you can see how the form looks and performs in different web browsers.

Lock Form

In the main setup screen, there is an option lock the form management.  This prevents any unwanted changed made by people who have their form live on website.

When clicked, the form will save and all the “Form Settings”, “Form Fields” and “Form Details” will be locked and the user will be unable to edit and make any changes.  The user can still get the embedded code to add to their website.